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Comic Book Back Issue Inventory Clear Out!
July 23, 2014

All 99 cent comics NOW 4 for $1!!!!!!!!
All 49 cent comics NOW 6 for $1!!!!!!!!
They are located at the back of the store, refreshing stock regularly, sure to sell quickly so come take a peak and then come back again to see what else has been added!!!

Top Comic Book Picks This Week!
July 23, 2014

Check out all of this week's releases here!

Fabrications by Funko: Deadpool & Harley Quinn
July 23, 2014

Introducing… Fabrikations from Funko!

Fabrikations is an exciting new line of 6” soft sculpted figures.

Each figure features a rotating head and vinyl accessories.
These soft sculpted figures were created with the collector in mind. Each Fabrikation Soft Sculpture is filled with a dense foam to achieve a high-end lush feel.

In addition, each Fabrikation is weighted to allow each figure to stand securely on the surface of your choice.

Archer Beach Towels
July 23, 2014

When you head to the shore this summer, take the beach towels that Archer would! Based on the animated series on FX, these Sploosh, Danger Zone, Whore Island and I Need a Shower beach towels are just what Archer would use to towel himself off at the shore!

DC Comics Swamp Thing (New 52) Action Figure
July 23, 2014

The Protector of the Green from the pages of the critically acclaimed series SWAMP THING is transformed into a deluxe action figure based on the designs of acclaimed artist Yanick Paquette.

44th Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide
July 23, 2014

The 2014 edition of "the bible of comic books" hits the shelves today...full of current market pricing, trends and reports. A must for any serious comic book fan.

Big Blastin' Rocket Racoon
July 23, 2014

The Guardians of the Galaxy need all the help they can get to save the cosmos from destruction, and this is just the raccoon for the job! This incredible electronic Rocket Raccoon figure has a spinning blaster that lights up in the heat of battle. When you press the button on his leg, the blaster fires, and you can choose the battle sounds you want to hear! The intergalactic action will be epic with your Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon figure!

Classic Star Wars Power of the Force Action Figures
July 18, 2014

We just picked up a collection of carded Star Wars Power of the Force action figures from the late 90's/early 2000's. A great way to fill some holes in your collection!

Magic The Gathering Core Set 2015
July 18, 2014

Available July 18th! Magic 2015 Core Set features 165 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. Magic 2015 is available in booster packs, intro packs, clash pack and fat packs.

Cardfight! Vanguard Booster Set 14: Brilliant Strike
July 18, 2014

Available July 18th!
Includes 102 cards (8 RRR, 12 RR, 22 R and 60 C) + 12 SP (Parallel) cards.
There are 99 new cards and 3 reprints.
Includes further support for the Gold Paladin, Royal Paladin, Kagerō, Genesis, Narukami, Neo Nectar and Murakumo clans.
Includes further Cross Ride and Break Ride units.
The poster's slogan is "Cut through the black spell! Golden knights!!".
Introduces Quintet Wall units.

Living Dead Dolls Series 27
July 11, 2014

Spirits and ghouls from around the world,
Things that go bump in the night,
The form in shadow in the corner of the room,
Beasts that avoid the light,
All of them gather in defiance of heaven,
We proudly present...Living Dead Dolls 27!

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's Baseball
July 11, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box Find Three of the following Per Hobby Box: - Autographs - Relics - Cut Signatures - Allen & Ginter Originals - Rip Cards - 1 per Hobby case! NEW! for 2013: - MINI METAL PARALLEL CARDS - POP STAR RELICS - THE AMATEUR OSTEOLOGIST SKELETON RELIC CARDS - BOX LOADER MINI PACKS FEATURING AN EXCLUSIVE PARALLEL PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS: 350 veterans, rookies, retired stars, public figures, and non-baseball champions. The last 50 card numbers are short-printed and inserted 1:2 packs. MINI PARALLEL CARDS (350): - Mini Parallel - Original-sized versions of the base cards. - Allen & Ginter Back - Featuring an Allen & Ginter logo back. - Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered - Allen & Ginter No Number - Limited to 50. - Allen & Ginter Flag Back - Featuring a specially created parallel back and hand-numbered to 25. - Allen & Ginter Wood - Hand-numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY - NEW! Allen & Ginter Metal - Printed on actual metal stock. Sequentially numbered. HOBBY ONLY - Printing Plates - Featuring all four plates used to print every mini parallel and mini exclusive card. Framed and numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY - Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards - A partial parallel featuring 150 base cards printed on cloth and framed. Sequentially numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY AUTOGRAPHED CARDS: Allen & Ginter Autographs Framed mini cards featuring on-card autographs from MLB superstars, both active and retired, and over 30 other athletes, champions, and personalities. Cut Signatures 20 cards featuring authentic cut signatures of political and historical figures. Numbered 1 of 1. Allen & Ginter Book Cards 50 book cards featuring two players and two autographs, two relics, or an autograph and a relic. Numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY

NECA Predator 7" Action Figure - Classic Video Game
July 11, 2014

Inspired by the Classic 1989 Video Game…

The Predator is the fourth figure in our highly successful line of classic 8-Bit video game tributes. Released in the spring of 1989 for the super popular 8-bit home console, this video game Predator is an ’80s classic.

NECA’s Jungle Hunter Predator (1989 Video Game Appearance) is a fully articulated 8-inch tall figure with extendable wrist blades, removable backpack, and over 20 points of articulation. The Predator is painted in shades of blue with black and a hint of cel shading.

This figure comes in special window box packaging with opening flap to re-create the look and feel of the classic 1989 video game packaging.

2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions
July 4, 2014

Collect your favorite baseball stars from past and present plus champions and phenoms from many realms of sport! Each blaster box contains 12 packs per box.

- Look for hard-signed autographs and memorabilia cards (including dual swatch memorabilia)!
- Collect big-time names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Mario Lemieux, Oscar de la Hoya, Reggie Jackson, Tony Gwynn, Joe Namath, Jerry Rice, Mark McGwire, and many more!
- Get Five (5) Goodwin Champions Minis per box!
- Includes at least one (1) Lady Luck Back Mini!
- At least Five (5) Regular Card short prints per box!
- Collect Goudey inserts – falling at least one (1) per box!
- Collect the entire 52-card set!

2013-14 Panini Contenders Hockey
June 25, 2014

Each hobby box of 2013-14 Contenders Hockey (18 packs per box, five cards per pack) will deliver at least four autographs. The highlights of the product are considerable and include . . .

- The return of Rookie Ticket Signature Patches numbered to 100 or less and autographed in silver or gold paint pen.

- The return of Trophy Contenders autographed patch cards honoring top candidates for the Hart, Vezina, Norris and more NHL Trophies; numbered to 100 or less.

- Booklets are also back, this year featuring cards packed with up to eight autographs on the 4 vs. 4 Booklets insert.

- 2013-14 Contenders Hockey also features unique autograph exclusives: Global Contenders Autographs will be a Canadian exclusive; in addition, the Winter Classic Contenders Autographs will feature Detroit Red Wings players as U.S. exclusives while the Toronto Maple Leafs in the set will be exclusive to Canada.

Black Widow ArtFX Statue
June 25, 2014

The Black Widow stands seven and 1/2 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale) on her included magnetic display base. The sultry super spy is the perfect centerpiece for any Black Widow fan and she’ll look great alongside the previously released Hulk and upcoming Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in the Avengers collection!

Massive TPB & Graphic Novel Restock
June 25, 2014

We double-dog-dare you not to find find that TPB or graphic novel you've been looking for!

2013-14 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey
June 18, 2014

Get 3 auto cards per box...get at least 1 auto Future Watch!
Hit it big with  signed Future Watch Patch...two classes=top RC talent!
Look for regular card limited autograph patch variations...with 3 tiers!
Jump back with 1993-94 SP Retro Hits...highlighted by Premier Prospects Gold Autos & Silver Skates Veterans and Rookie Autos!
Sign up a winner with Immortal Inks...Marks of Distinction & Premier Chirographyrock SPA too!
Collect more late RC’s...Futrure Watch catches additional great phenoms!
Find Authentic Moments...with sought-after gold ink versions!

2014 Topps Series 2 Baseball
June 12, 2014

Topps continues to celebrate the wealth of young talent in MLB® with 2014 Topps Baseball Series 2. 330 cards featuring Veterans, Rookies, more Future Stars, 2013 Award Winners and Baseball Highlights.

Magic The Gathering: Conspiracy
June 6, 2014

Arriving June 6! Experience a Magic format where the intrigues begin long before the first spells are cast! Revolutionary new abilities impact every part of the play experience, starting with the draft itself.
The first-ever multiplayer-focused booster set has new Magic cards with new mechanics that enhance multiplayer play. Returning favorites from throughout Magic's history round out the set and cultivate an environment of deception and treachery. The Magic: The Gathering–Conspiracy set is designed to be drafted with six to eight players who then split into groups of three or four players for free-for-all multiplayer games.

2014 Panini Rookie Anthology Hockey
June 4, 2014

Each box of 2013-14 Rookie Anthology Hockey (five cards per pack, 10 packs per box) delivers four autograph or memorabilia cards (with at least two autographs guaranteed). What’s more, the product includes 2013-14 Dominion Hockey updates for the first time, featuring new Rookie Autograph PatchesPeerless Patches, Rookie Ensigns and more.

Evel Knievel "Mego Style" Action Figures
May 23, 2014

Evel has just arrived...hurry before he is gone.

Batman: Arkham Origins 1/4 Scale Action Figure
May 7, 2014

Straight from Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest chapter in the Arkham saga, Batman stands 18″ tall and features over 25 points of articulation, a real fabric cape, and accessories which include Batarang and grapnel gun.

2014 Panini Prizm Soccer
May 7, 2014

Panini Prizm Soccer features a 200-card base set featuring players from all 32 teams qualified to participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Some of the highlights . . .

- Prizm presents one of the best signature checklists in soccer history featuring base versions, Prizm Signatures (numbered to 25 or less) and Black Prizm Signatures 1/1s.

- Combo Signatures presents high-profile and highly sought after autograph pairings. These cards are all numbered to 10 or less and include a Prizm parallel version.

- World Cup Matchups features some of the most intriguing on-pitch pairings in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, both in group play and potential knock-out round matches.

- World Cup Matchups (as well as all other base and insert parallels) feature several regionally inspired Prizm parallels including Red, White and Blue Prizms, Yellow and Red Prizms, and Blue and Red Prizms.

- The set also features Blue Prizms (numbered to 199 or less), Red Prizms (numbered to 149 or less), Purple Prizms (numbered to 99 or less), Green Crystal Prizms (numbered to 25 or less), Gold Prizms (numbered to 25 or less), Gold Power Prizms (numbered to five or less) and Black Prizm 1/1s.

- World Cup Stars chronicles the best performances from past tournaments as well as impact players who will make their appearance in this year’s event.

- Lovable and kid-friendly, Fuleco, the 2014 FIFA World Cup mascot, makes an appearance as a super short-printed insert (two per case, on average).

- The Team Photo insert includes a Team Photo for each of the 32 teams participating in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Magic The Gathering: Journey into Nyx
May 2, 2014

Journey into Nyx features 165 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. Journey into Nyx is available in booster packs, intro packs and fat packs.

2014 Fleer Showcase Hockey
April 17, 2014

Look for 1 Hot Prospects Autograph Patch card #'d to 399 or less in every box!
• Get 2 Additional Autograph or memorabilia Hits in each box

• Each 12-box case features:
- 1-2 Hot Prospects Signed Patch Card #'d to 199
- 1 Hot Prospects Glove, Fight Strap or Patch - #'d to 36 or less
- 3 Metal Universe precious Metal Gems - #'d to 100 or less
- 1 Skybox Premium Star Rubies or Sparkling Diamonds - #'d to 50 or less
- 1 Platinum Medallion - #'d to 25
- 1 Jambalaya Hit!

• Pull Big Hits with PMG Greens - #'d to 10

• Find Hot Prospects Duos $ Trios
- Showcasing great teammates pairs and 3-player combinations

• Collect Hot Prospects Red Glow and White Hot parallels - #'d to 27 and 9, respectively

• Look for Fleer Ultra Rookies!
- With Red Medallion (#'d to 99) and Platinum Medallion (#'d to 25) parallels

• grab Regular Set Glow jersey parallels - #'d to 36

2014 ITG Between The Pipes Hockey
April 17, 2014

2013 - 14 Between The Pipes Product Highlights:
-18 packs per box with 9 cards per pack
-Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards 1:7 packs
-Autograph Cards 1:7 packs
-Masked Men Cards 1:6 packs
-He Shoots; He Scores Program only 150 points!

Cardfight! Vanguard: Mystical Magus Extra Booster 7
April 11, 2014

"To the mystical eyes that foresee fate, good luck will always come...".
- Includes 35 cards (2 RRR, 5 RR, 8 R, 20 C) + 4 SP.
- There are 14 new cards and 21 reprints.
- Features further support for the Oracle Think Tank clan.
- Includes new Limit Break units.
- Features cards used by Misaki Tokura in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga.
- The package illustration is of Misaki Tokura and Hexagonal Magus.

2014 Panini Playbook Hockey
April 9, 2014

- Playbook Rookie Booklets feature autograph jersey booklet cards numbered to 199, with Prime versions numbered to 25 and Patch versions numbered to five.
- Double Rookie Class Booklets pair up the best of the 2013-14 NHL Dual-Rookie Class, with Jersey, Prime and Patch variations.
- Signature Booklets showcase the autographs and memorabilia of the league’s top players.
- Every pack contains an additional autograph or memorabilia card, including First Drafts Signatures that features the game’s top player as they appeared on Draft Day.
- Split Decisions Booklets showcase oversized memorabilia with the league’s most agile netminders.
- The 2013-14 Playbook base set includes 100 cards along with Gold (numbered to 50), Holo Silver (numbered to 25) and Purple (1/1) parallels.

DC Comics Super Villians:
Crime Syndicate Action Figures

April 9, 2014

From their Earth to ours, the villainous members of the Crime Syndicate-Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and more-invade your home with all-new action figures based on designs by superstar artist David Finch!

2013-14 Panini Basketball
April 9, 2014

- Two Autographs per box, featuring rookies, prospects, stars, Hall of Famers and even coaches!
- Look for the ultra-rare Favorites and Knight School inserts! Featuring the return of Rated Rookies Signatures on embroidered patches #'d/100 or less!
- Find Black Knight parallels to the base set #'d/ One of One!
- Ten of the NBA's brightest stars are featured in Superstar Signatures #'d/199 or less!

2014 World Cup Panini Stickers and Album
April 2, 2014

Panini are proud to bring you the only 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Official Licensed Sticker Collection for this celebrated event. This stunning collection features all 32 teams presented with eye-popping graphics and amazing images of the world’s highest profile soccer superstars. Collectors will find special glitter stickers featuring badges, official emblems, the official FIFA World Cup™ trophy and Brazuca stickers, a Panini dedicated sticker that will capture the excitement of this historic Panini sticker album, which every football fan will want to get their hands on!

2014 In The Game Used Hockey
March 28, 2014

It has been ten years since the last edition of In The Game-Used, ten years too long. Each box of ITG USED will contain FOUR Cards:
-One Single Game-Used Memorabilia Card per box
-One Double Game-Used Memorabilia Card per box
-One Triple Game-Used Memorabilia Card per box
-One Quad Game-Used Memorabilia Card per box

2014 Topps Opening Day Baseball
March 19, 2014

The baseball season hasn't started until Opening Day and now it's here! 2014 Topps Opening Day opens the card collecting season with 3D cards, autographs, exciting new inserts and now all-new relic cards at the beginner-friendly price.

2014 Topps Heritage Baseball
March 14, 2014

1965 comes alive in the upcoming Topps Heritage Baseball! Topps Heritage captures the best current and past MLB players in the 1965 Topps design. In this year's edition, we have added new inserts, variations and buybacks that celebrate the key events from 1965. Of course, we will also have the Real One Autographs and Clubhouse Collection Relics that are staples of Heritage Baseball. 500 card base set that includes error cards and throwback uniform variations for a fun chase. Look for two Chrome parallels a Refrector and a Black Chrome set as random inserts. Also scarce black back version of the base cards provide a third level of chase. Randomly inserted mini cards in the 1965 design are also part of this series for 2014.

Magic The Gathering: Jace vs Vraska Duel Decks
March 14, 2014

In Stock Now!

Magic The Gathering: Battle of the Horde
Challenge Deck

March 13, 2014

In Stock Now!

2013-14 Upper Deck Hockey Series II
March 12, 2014

We have wax boxes, tins, blasters and fat packs!

More Awesome Young Guns from this Amazing Double Rookie Class!
Including Key Newcomers and Holdovers who were Held Back for UD2!
Gallagher, Granlund, Mrazek, Arcobello, F. Hamilton, Merrill, Laughton, Schroeder and more, some of whom may debut during the Holidays!
Get more Rookie Hits with Rookie Materials Jersey Cards!
These cool collectibles fall 1 per box, as do the UD Game Jersey cards!
One-up those hits with patch parallels, #’d to 25 and 15, respectively!
Also grab more phenoms in the UD Canvas insert (averaging 6 per case)!
Also featuring Team Canada Program of Excellence Heroes and NHL Greats, this set within a set packs some punch!
Continue the Rookie Theme with MVP Update Rookies, falling 1 per box!
Top that by collecting Gold Script and Super Script parallels, #’d to 100 & 25!
MacKinnon, Hertl, Jones, Monahan & Barkov lead the way
Look for O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies too!
Plus Case Hit Red Border parallels and Retro Updates (2/box) as well!
Put together the entire Exclusives set (#’d to 100) – or take it a step further with the High Gloss parallels (#’d to 10)!
Find Hockey Heroes, commemorating the ’90s!

Pokemon X & Y Spring 2014 Tins: Legends of Kalos
March 12, 2014

Two powerful new Pokmon roar their challenges as battle begins! Who will you choose: the magnificent Life Pokmon Xerneas or the terrifying Destruction Pokmon Yveltal The choice is yours in the Pokmon Trading Card Game: Legends of Kalos Tin!
Each of these excellent tins contains Xerneas-EX or Yveltal-EX as as a special foil card, 4 Pokmon TCG booster packs, AND a BONUS code card for the Pokmon Trading Card Game Online.

MTG Born of the Gods Event Deck
February 28, 2014

These sealed tourment-level decks include 10 rares and multiple playsets. Each deck includes:
• 1 60-card deck
• 1 15-card sideboard
• 1 Spindown life counter
• 1 strategy insert
• 1 card box

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